Welcome to Mountain Aid

Mountain Aid is a Registered Charity with three simple objectives:

  • To find ways of helping to improve the quality of life of anyone permanently injured on the Scottish hills
  • To promote training and education in the skills required to enjoy the Scottish hills safely, thereby reducing the likelihood of accidents
  • To maintain a close relationship with the Scottish Mountain Rescue services, granting them funds for projects, equipment or activities which might otherwise not receive funding.

If you or somebody you know is a hillwalker or climber, and you share our passion for the hills, then we hope that our objectives are valuable to you.



Latest News


 We have a lot going on over the next few months so please read on:-



Mountain Aid is pleased to offer 4 one day Training Courses. These will run on 21 & 22 January 2017 setting out from Aviemore, and 11 & 12 February in Glencoe


To ensure an effective level of individual tuition is provided by Andy Cloquet, our qualified Mountaineering Instructor, numbers on each course are limited to 6 persons, meeting early morning to maximize the daylight hours available. Courses are free subject to the conditions specified below


The course is aimed at hill walkers who have been active throughout the summer months and want to gain sufficient skills to continue to enjoy our mountains safely in winter conditions with the right equipment and appropriate techniques


Our Instructor will contact you with the assembly point and a list of items you will require on the day of the course. Be aware you need not just warm clothing, but it is essential you have winter grade boots, with a suitably rigid sole to take crampons. If necessary seek advice from specialist retailers such as Tiso, or Cotswold whose staff have the necessary knowledge to advise. Indeed both organisations can offer a hire service which you might find useful. You will also need an ice axe and a helmet, although our instructor may have a few extra available.


As a charity whose aims are to promote safety in the hills as well as supporting Mountain Rescue activities, our courses are essentially FREE to all who sign up. However, situations have arisen in the past, where people who booked, failed to turn up on the day, thus depriving others of the opportunity of training, yet Mountain Aid still have to pay the same daily rate for our qualified instructor. Reluctantly we now operate on the basis of a REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT. (see footnote)


Booking: Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to begin the booking process.

"Support Mountain Rescue - Get Lost" was one of the more provocative slogans considered by a Scottish Mountain Rescue Team a few years back when they were looking to raise money. However its widespread use was frowned on and it was never adopted generally. Nevertheless it is a fundamental truth that poor navigation skills, which result in being in the wrong place at the wrong time, are the prime cause of most accidents and call-outs that occur in Scottish mountains. All too often groups that go out on hills depend on the navigation skills of their leader and should any problems develop with him or her, the remainder could struggle to reach their destination.

The hill walking fraternity need to address this and many excellent courses are offered by organisations like Glenmore Lodge and C-N-Do which can lead to formal qualification in Navigation. For some years now, Mountain Aid have been addressing the other end of the spectrum and offer basic training in Map Reading and Navigation to those who are beginning to develop an interest in the Scottish Hills and want to be able to proceed safely and efficiently on any expeditions they undertake. In 2016 we are again providing, via a qualified instructor, a series of one day training courses in Basic Navigation Techniques this Spring and Summer. The first of these has already taken place this month but we are delighted to tell you that a further two are planned for Sunday 29 May and Sunday 26 June.

The venues will be the Ochil Hills in May and the Campsie Fells in June on the basis that they are easy to get to for most of our supporters, yet contain significant regions of featureless upland terrain ideal for developing map and compass skills

In accordance with the aim of our charity to promote safety in the hills, these courses are essentially free, but numbers are restricted due to the need to provide effective tuition to all participants. We operate on a "First come - First served" principle, so to avoid disappointment we advise you to book now, per the instructions below, or via the Mountain Aid website www.mountainaid.org.uk which will shortly be updated to provide this information.

A day spent developing navigation skills could be vital to your future enjoyment of Scottish hills.






Stemming from a successful series of Winter Safety Talks across the country in November, Mountain Aid has arranged to follow on with four one-day Winter Skills Training courses early in 2016.


These introductory courses are primarily aimed at hill walkers who are reasonably fit, but feel the need for some professional tuition to enable them to tackle winter conditions with knowledge and confidence.


We have engaged the services of Andy Cloquet, as our qualified mountaineering instructor who can help you develop best practices with ice axes, crampons and other essential equipment required by those seeking to enjoy winter snowclad hills. As a charity aiming to promote safety on Scottish Hills, Mountain Aid offer these courses essentially FREE OF CHARGE, subject to a few conditions.


Places are available at Aviemore on either Saturday 23rd or Sunday 24th January 2016 and on Saturday 20th February or Sunday 21st February in Glencoe. To allow effective individual tuition, course numbers are limited to six persons per day and those participating can expect to be on the hillside selected by about 9am to make best use of the short daylight hours we have at that time of year.


With limited availability it is essential to secure your place early. You can do this by completing our Information & Booking Form (below) and sending it back for my attention. As bookings are accepted on a first come/first served basis please act now to avoid disappointment.


 Booking Form

Once again, Mountain Aid is hosting a number of Winter Safety Talks. Informal but informative, these evenings consist of a talk and presentation by Mick Tighe followed by a Q&A session.

All talks are FREE!


Talks organised so far are:


Monday 16th November @ 7:30PM - The Merlin, Morningside, Edinburgh

Tuesday 17th November @ 7:00PM - Stirling University

Wednesday 18th November @ 7:30PM - Dundee University

Thursday 19th November @ 7:30PM - Room D141, university of the West of Scotland, High Street, Paisley.



Everyone is welcome.


We are offering FREE Navigation courses in 2015, aimed at novice and inexperienced hillgoers.


The next Navigation course will be held on Sunday 27th September 2015.  


Navigation courses normally take place around the Ochils in Central Scotland.


For further information please contact us at Mountain Aid.

Our accounts for year-end 2014, which ended 31st March, have been audited by our accountant and approved by OSCR.